Become a DeeLance Ambassador

NFT Social Task

Spread the word about Deelance NFT and earn rewards! Here’s how:

Content Creation: Craft an engaging tweet about Deelance NFT, highlighting launch date 24th September and its unique features, utility in ecosystem and types

▪Use #DeelanceNFT, #DeeLanceCollections #NFTs #NFTcommunity

▪Tag our official account @deelance_com and 3 NFT degens or kols

▪Schedule: Post your tweet before launch. The deadline is 24th September.

Engagement: Add banner for Deelance NFT. Do engage with your followers’ comments and questions. Avoid bots and low engagement.

Rewards: 3 random eligible Ambassador will win General Nft .

Let’s make Deelance NFT shine on Twitter! 🚀 #NFT #InfluencerCampaign